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National Theatre Live: Treasure Island

treasureisland Thursday 22 January, 7pm


Tickets can be booked here, with the option of choosing seats from a seating plan.

There is
also a selection of tickets on sale (without booking charges) for all live events at Macclesfield Visitor Information Centre (01625 378123) and at Congleton Visitor Information Centre (01260 271095).

Tickets will be available on the door, subject to demand: enquiries as to demand may be made at the cinema or by calling 07871 422937.

also suitable for 10 years +

Robert Louis Stevensonís story of murder, money and mutiny is brought to life in a thrilling new stage adaptation by Bryony Lavery, broadcast live from the National Theatre.

Itís a dark, stormy night. The stars are out. Jim, the inn-keeperís granddaughter, opens the door to a terrifying stranger. At the old sailorís feet sits a huge sea-chest, full of secrets. Jim invites him in Ė and her dangerous voyage begins.

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