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Macclesfield on Film

archive Thursday 4 February, 7.30

Please note that Macclesfield on Film has sold out.
Those who have reserved tickets yet to be collected have been asked to pick up their tickets by 7pm and any uncollected reservations will then be available, first-come first-served. The box office will be open for collection of reserved tickets from 6.30 on Thursday.

The North West Film Archive at Manchester Metropolitan University is pleased to announce ‘ Macclesfield on Film’
, part of its programme to make this fascinating collection available to the public of the North West region. Supported by Northwest Vision and Media, and in collaboration with Cinemac and Silkscreen the NWFA will present a public screening of films from its collection at Cinemac.

The screening will comprise of material from the Macclesfield area over the past 100 years and will look at the industries, events and traditions of this part of the country. You can join in with the Silk Queen of 1932 at the annual parade and watch the daring men of Sir Alan Cobham’s Flying Circus as they take to the skies in 1934. Relive your schooldays with the children of Elworth and take a colourful trip through wartime Knutsford. Find out how the Cheshire plain fed the big city in ‘Summer on the farm’ and how the beautiful silks that made the town famous were produced. Take a stroll along the long-closed railway from Poynton to Macclesfield in a TV documentary from 1985 and see how your daily pinta was under threat in 1974.

The evening’s show will be presented by the Archive’s Collections Assistant Geoff Senior.

Tickets are £4.50 and £4.00 for concessions. Subject to demand tickets will be available on the day but can be obtained in advance from the box office or by calling 07871 422937 (afternoons or evenings). Book early to avoid disappointment!

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