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National Theatre Live: Amadeus Thursday, 2 February

Thank you to all those who attended for your patience at the screening affected by high winds in Macclesfield and London.

AMADEUS is being screened again on Thursday 30 March at 7pm. This will be a recording, shown as live.

We would like to offer refunds to everyone who came to Amadeus on 2 February. Refunds will be available until 28 February.

If you booked online and would like repayment by bank transfer, please contact Sam at Jack Roe Ticketing on 01989 567474.

If you booked online, did not leave your name and address at the screening, and would prefer a cheque repayment, please contact Steven Metcalf at Cinemac on 07871 422937.

If you have already provided your name, address and phone number when leaving the screening on 2 February, we will contact you before issuing a cheque in case repayment by bank transfer through Jack Roe Ticketing is preferred.

If you purchased tickets at Macclesfield Visitor Information Centre or at the cinema on the night and have retained your ticket stub, we can repay by cheque (but not bank transfer). Please contact Steven Metcalf at Cinemac on 07871 422937. We will need to know which seat/s were allocated to you and may require tickets stubs as proof of purchase.

If you would like to swap your ticket from the live screening on 2 February for free admission at the encore screening on 30 March, please contact Steven Metcalf. Ticket swaps will be available until 28 February.

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